Sunday, November 13, 2011

Watching you eat...............

The ACS TuckShop Prefects. Mr. Yeoh Eng Soon led the team to make sure the students eat graciously.  Spitting was not allowed.  Loud talking was prohibited (very good training to keep restaurants less noisy).  Running was not allowed while eating to prevent choking.  Students were ordered to return the cups and plates back to the various food stalls after eating.

So you see, all of us have very good table manners now. 

Mr. Yeoh Eng Soon was the Senior Assistant.  I last met him many years ago at a petrol station and I heard he had gone back to be with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I remembered him as a kind teacher.  He showed me how to wear the special sash which you see in the photo.  I was estatic to be a TuckShop Prefect!!!

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  1. Syed Ameer says, i recognise Sasidharan, Rajinder Singh, Ameenuddin is there. I had a good friend who had a bald head all the time. He was very well mannered. He is in the Tuck shop brigade foto - but forgot his name