Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tongkat Ali....Bird Nests.....BioFuels....Canola Oil

Another yakking session this time in honour of Professor Ong ChiWi from Sun Yat Sen University, Koahshung and his resume : Two primary schools at one go, and two secondary schools, three universities (UM for six months, Liverpool for 3 yrs and Cambridge for 3 years), worked in Canada for a year and now in Taiwan . Have been a Professor in Chemistry since 1986.

The topics that hogged the nite discussion was how to export tongkat ali to Taiwan, new commercial ideas on biofuels and by products of palm oil, whether there is a big market for bird nests in Taiwan.....etc. Unfortunately Yew Ai could not make it last nite otherwise we would get a deeper insight of oil's effect on human being....well there is always the next time I suppose.
It was also good to see Hua Chek especially his passion for saliva of the birds....

Tuck Seng telling Chak Pooi thats not the way to do it......while Hua Chek smiling away and Prof Ong trying to make peace. Well I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

ACS Reunion Dinner 2007

The Reunion Dinner will be held on 6th October 2007 at 7.00pm in "Hee Lai Ton" Restaurant. Cost per person is RM 60.00. Please inform me if you wish to attend and pay on arrival. Thanks.