Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Predestination and Election

Summary of my thoughts yesterday during a Christian meeting. 

Mankind was predestined to be with God before the Creation to have a deep relationship with Him, to praise and worship Him. 

The Fall separated Him from mankind.  He chose the people of Israel to lead and to re-establish the relationship with Him, within the framework of certain Laws He pronounced. But the chosen people keep on breaking the laws of engagement.  Animal sacrifices were then required for the atonement of the people's sin which was not a perfect redemptive plan. 

Jesus Christ the saviour of the world was the answer to God's redemptive plan, the ultimate sacrifice to be done once and for all humankind. The Gospel story of grace and mercy being told by believers In Christ, is the "I stand at the door and knock ...." . Anyone who welcomes, receives and follow Him are His elected and they become the children of God. The elected have the Holy Spirit indwelling in them to guide them to purity of heart and holiness in life. 

Our current journey continues with a deeper understanding and relationship with God, on going sanctification until we meet Him face to face.