Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service 2007

My wife, Hooi, carrying Matthew and my elder son Joshua in front having his dessert.

On my left is Mr. Lee Hoong Chong the church administrator.

Mr. Chong Fong Fatt and family.
Monday 24th December was surely a night to remember. Mr. YB Lim and wife were in our Canning Garden Methodist Church for Christmas Eve Service. Met them for a short while after service. I was looking out for them in the Garden Terrace where light refreshments were served. Couldn't find them but surprise, surprise.......... found Mr. Chong Fong Fatt and family instead. That was the first time I met his charming wife and family.

KIDS Christmas Party 2007

The Rainbow Choir of Canning Garden Methodist Church presenting a musical drama. Fantastic songs and a meaningful message of Hope for the Christmas Season.

These balloons were released to the kids. It was such a spectacular and colourful sight.
My son attended the KIDS Christmas Party held in the Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh. I was the camera man responsible for putting up the pictures in our church website. Please visit http://www.cgmcipoh.org/ for more photos. I shall try to put up videos next. The Christmas tree was made up of 500 stockings created by our youths. Each child took home one sock and there weren't enough to go around.