Monday, January 30, 2006

After all these years good frens still meet at Miners Arm

Gong Xi Fa Cai greetings from FeiChiew, WanHon, KeeKuang, FongFatt & FooWah.

Also taking this auspicious period to share some doggie lessons ......

(extract from Heart Talk by Yeoh Siew Hoon – an editor/contributor from The Inner Circle – Shangri La Golden Circle newsletter)
Never bite the hand that feeds you: A well-trained dog would never intentionally bite its owner. It may occasionally snap at those that would do you harm. In business, we should never talk bad about our employers while we're working for them and especially after we've left them. Such words have a way of coming back to bite you in your behind when you least expect it. Ditto with friends who give you love - don't talk bad about them behind their backs. Say it to their face if you feel strongly enough about it.
There are no bad dogs, only bad owners: Dogs reflect their owners' disposition. Angry owners make angry dogs. Happy owners make happy dogs. It's as simple as that. In the same way, there are no bad employees, only bad managers. There's a saying that goes, if you point the finger at someone, three fingers point back at you. Next time you're unhappy with someone for a reason, find three reasons how you could have contributed to the situation.
Live every moment: For a dog, there is no time like the present. NOW is what counts. Many self-help books, especially those on meditation, tell us to live the moment. Many of us say it, but truthfully, find it hard to live up to. Trapped as we are by the burdens of the past and the fear of the uncertainty of the future, we struggle to live in the now. Throw away those books, just observe dogs for a day. It's cheaper and, trust me, more fun.
Give unconditionally: Yes, yes, it's true that dogs do expect to be fed at the very least. But they do know the art of loving unconditionally. No matter what you do to them, they will remain loyal and faithful to you. Give without expecting anything in return. It's far more rewarding than calculating from the onset what you're going to get in return if you give. The pleasure comes from not expecting; the expected always disappoints.
Express yourself: Dogs do not hold back on expressing their feelings. They sulk when disciplined. They roll over shamelessly when they want their stomachs rubbed. They whine when they want something. They put their head on your lap when they want love and affection. They lick you when they want to say, "I love you too." We should learn to be equally expressive and spontaneous. Too often, we are afraid to express our feelings for fear of "what will others think of me". Truth is, most people are too self-absorbed to bother about other people anyway. We should say and do what we feel with those we care for. Make it easy for those who love us to love us.
Respect other species: Dogs may hate cats but they have a healthy respect for the felines. They may chase them but they know they could get their eyes scratched out if they are not careful. Similarly, we should have a healthy respect for other races and religions. We may not understand them but we should accept that they are part of our world. Just as dogs are. Next time you meet a dog, don't shriek, "Does it bite?". Instead, say hello and ask to shake its paw. Make friends with other species, not spurn them.
Play for your life: There is no sight more joyful than watching a dog run on the beach or across an open field. They bound with such abandon that it fills your heart with laughter. We should learn to play more. Have fun with our lives. Play in the sand. Run through an open field. Wallow in the mud. Stop at every tree to appreciate its beauty. Play with each other.

Never take a dump in your own backyard: A well-trained dog does not do its business in the house. My dog has the ability to choose the most remote and hardest-to-get-to spot, forcing me to wade through knee-high grass to clean up after him. He knows discretion is the better part of valour.

And now some older pics....
(Left) 2005 CNY ... HongYick, OnnKeong, KeeKuang, MoonChong, NyatKeong, FongFatt, FeiChiew & FooWah

(Below) Some years ago in PJ SS2......FongFatt, HuaChik & TuckSing

Watch out for more pics in the next blog.....keekuang aka agfoxx

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Photo Opportunities

The Chinese New Year festive season is here. There will be lots of photo opportunities for us all. Please keep the postings coming with all the lovely pictures.

Can you guess who these two gentlemen are? Photo taken at my clinic yesterday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hi -Really old ACS classmate
Chi Wi here in Taiwan for over twenty years.
Here is a photo of me, my wife and daughter(third chlid, 9 years old) at an outing in Eastern Taiwan. Will post my two handsome sons photos (19 and 17 years old) next time.
It nice for Onn Keong to set up this Blog so that we can all chat once a while.
I am still surviving and goes back to Malaysia at least twice a year to see my parents in JB.
I travel around quit a lot and it will be nice to know other classmate oversea so that we can visit.
I suggest an address book (plus phone) to be added.
Hope to see you people around sometime.
If anyone happen to be in Taiwan, give me an e-mail ( or ring me at
(77-5250355, ignore the 07 if you are in Kaoshiung or 0952311150 H/P) . We have ample space to put you up for as long as you like.
Cheers everyone and 'HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR

Monday, January 16, 2006

Creating CG16 cum CGMC Website

The Year 2006 has arrived and it is time to create our Cell Group cum CGMC website. The website URL is (under construction). This missing link from my original Breath Links website is vital for evangelism as it is the pointer to Spiritual Health besides the mental and physical health which I most commonly deal with. This website will heighten the interest of our viewers to the activities of the Canning Garden Methodist Church and the Christian faith. It will also provide links to various Christian resources available worldwide.

As for this blog I pray that our cell group members will provide more postings for our readers. There are so many things one can blog about: spiritual matters, hobbies, interesting local or worldwide news, book reviews, etc. Other cell groups members are welcomed to join us. They may also be enrolled as team members. Team members have the added advantage of posting articles in the blog besides just giving comments.

Wishing you a Happy and a Blessed New Year.

Guess the names of the Three Musketeers

This picture was taken in 2005 in Ipoh Swimming Club. Someone from afar has dropped by Ipoh to say "hello".

The previous picture I posted was that of Mr. Ng Peng Choon in my clinic. Did all of you get it correct?

Monday, January 9, 2006

Clinic Nurse Injured

Beware if you are a resident of Ipoh. I was told yesterday that there is a group of 3 Indian males who have been terrorising businesses in town. They will enter shops in broad daylight and slash anyone in sight to cause panic. Then they will ask the the shop owners to give them money which they are more than willing to give to avoid harm. That is their modus operandi.

And today I was told that a clinic in Ipoh Garden South was robbed by most probably the same gang. It happened at 8.30 am when the nurse was opening the clinic door. 3 Indian males jumped at her, got her inside the clinic, punched her and slashed her. Fortunately or unfortunately, the doctor was not inside otherwise he will also be slashed. The gang did not make off with much money and so they will be robbing again.

So be very careful wherever you are. Most of these news are not reported in the press. Arm yourseves with pepper sprays and the like or simply carry RM 5,000 with you everywhere to be given away freely!!

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Simple Flu Prevention Strategies

A Flu Pandemic may not materialise. If it does we may not have the vaccines or the anti-viral drugs available to prevent and treat the infection. I have listed several simple flu prevention strategies which you may wish to follow and avoid cathing the flu bug.

To find out how please go to my other medical blog at:

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

The Story of Ipoh from feet to flight

A group of heritage lovers from Ipoh has organized a major exhibition in the Ipoh Museum. The exhibition starts on the 16 Jan till 12 Feb 2006. It opens from 9.30 am to 5 pm daily. Admission is free. See you there.

This is the first exhibition by a group known as Ipoh World Sdn. Bhd. The person behind it is Commander (Rtd) Ian Anderson a British gentleman. He is an avid collector of tiny shoes worn by ladies who "bound their feet" to look beautiful and elegant. Please come to lend support and encouragement.

Monday, January 2, 2006

A surprise visit

I took this splendid picture today on Wai Hoong's request and he obliged. Now, can you all remember who he is? His name will be forthcoming in my next post. Think harder and I am sure you will get it right.

Today is a special day besides being the first day of school for our kids. I just spoke to dear Lim Kwan Wah. How better to serve our old school than to become the headmaster of ACS Primary School. His email address is Do drop him a line or two when you are free. I shall be inviting him to blog as well.

Let's start blogging

I finally got the energy to launch this blog for all of us young fellows. When one is going on 50's suddenly everything needs to be done at one go. This blog idea came sometime in October last year but then the lethargy.

I have already read several spiritual stories, some philosophical and others plain hilarious. It's really nice to read about how well all of you are doing. It will also be wonderful to know each other's family better for the other half of us is really inseparable from us all.

New Year's Day is always a time for reflection and quiet prayer. I always look back and count the numerous blessings I have received. As for the shortcomings, I always look at them, analyse them and make a wish never to repeat them. Then there are the whole lot of things which need to be done but never took off. Prayerfully there will be time this year.

Besides the usual day to day business of my clinical practice there is this desire to set up the Perak Chest Society. Hopefully it will become a reality this year since the idea was mooted in 2004. The main aim of the society is to help educate all those with chest diseases to help themselve. The main activities involve those with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (smoker's lung), respiratory cripples, obstructive sleep apnea, lung cancer prevention and end of life issues.

As we have discussed earlier it may also be a good idea for us to think about an education fund for needy students. I would like your feedback and perhaps then we can get down to the size of the fund.

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Celebrating Christmas

Our cell group celebrated Christmas on the 23rd December, 2005. We had almost 50 people, including guests, attending the pot blessed dinner at my residence. We had a short re-enactment of the nativity scene by the children followed by singing of Christmas carols. Our cell group is known as CG 16 of the Canning Garden Mehtodist Church and I must admit we are truly blessed to have such a group of caring people. We have the very young and the very old and my son loves to meet them all. Our church embarked on cell group ministry some years back and the number of groups are getting larger.