Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Metal Man of ACS

A very pleasant surprise.  Just before CNY this "metal man" delivered some CNY goodies to my clinic.   He taught me metal etching, copper tooling.  Do you remember him?  Give me some names please ........

Celebrating CNY 2012 with friends at Perak Kaying Association

Starting the eating frenzy.

Very satisfied.

Great company.  Even had Perak Chest Society meeting amidst the noise

Good entertainment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Day to Remember in TR

This picture was taken at the Tanjung Rambutan waterfall.  Lots of fun as you can see.  I have not met Wong Yew Thye (left most) since leaving school.  He was our Head Prefect and is now an engineer. 

This is Ong Choo Keat if I remember correctly.  Wow look at the abdominals!  You can count them.  Well we were all about that slim then.  But now..... we are even shy to take off our shirts!!

Surely you remember Tan Chik Kaw.  He is a pharmacist residing in UK.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exhibition on Chinese Revolution in Hainan Association

Picture taken during the Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Revolution (1911) Exhibition in the Hainan Association, Ipoh, Perak.  The Penang Sun Yat San Society supplied the exhibits.  Dr. Sun met his supporters in various locations in Perak.  The Perakians donated a large sum of money towards the Revolution.  We should document the SYS trail in Perak and make it a tourist attraction like in Penang and Singapore.