Sunday, February 8, 2015

The CGMC Website has evolved

The Canning Garden Methodist Church website project was started in 2007 with the blessings of the church leadership.  The pastor then was Ps. Ashok.  We engaged Exabyte to host the webpages on 6th April 2007 and chose as our web address.  

I was introduced to a content management system (CMS) using the Joomla engine by Bro. Michael Khor. We both worked at it for a few weeks and presto the church website was born.  

This banner, with the church theme then, was created with Corel Painter.  

This logo was plucked off from a church bulletin. 

Sometime in April 2011 a decision was made to handover the website to the church administration for better control and efficiency. I was greatly relieved because I could not keep up with the very many church events and developments which needed to be posted.  Sis Lee Chui Chong helped to manage the website from the church office.

The website is now under the administration of Bro. Abel How our church youth leader.  I strongly believe it will be more attractive and relevant as he will be able to post the latest church news as soon as they arrive.  I had the opportunity to review the new webpages recently and find them very tastefully done using the WordPress engine.  Well done Bro. Abel!  Keep it up for Him.