Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hiking in Pat Sin Leng

We went hiking in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park today. It is called the Pat Sin Leng in Cantonese which is translated to the "Eight Immortals" because of the eigth peaks.

Although we all think that HK is a concrete jungle, this is not so. About 60% of the territories is park land and there are many trials. The Pat Sin Leng is part of the Wilson trial that stretches from HK island to the New Territories to the border with Shenzhen.

There is a surprise diversity of flora in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park. Some of these are shown on the right. To view pictures of Kam Kwi and me, visit my blog Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 16, 2006

HK Marathon 2006

Ran in the 10 km race at the HK Standard Chartered Marathon last Sunday 12/2/06. There were about 20,000 runners for the 10 km race in several groups. I ran in the Master group (used to be called the veteran for the oldies). It was quite an experience to run with so many people together - for mutual encouragement. I did a slow jog and finished in 1 hour 06 minutes. Luckily no injuries or mishap. Unfortunately 1 runner (of the full marathon) collapsed half way and died in hospital 2 days later.

My wife ask me why I took part in this 'hazardous' activity? I don't really know but it may have something to do with getting old? As Onn Keong said getting to 50 makes him want to do things faster; many more things to do. I suppose joining the race is same. I want to take on new challenges while I still can. It would nice to hear from others what challenges they have taken recently.