Thursday, February 16, 2006

HK Marathon 2006

Ran in the 10 km race at the HK Standard Chartered Marathon last Sunday 12/2/06. There were about 20,000 runners for the 10 km race in several groups. I ran in the Master group (used to be called the veteran for the oldies). It was quite an experience to run with so many people together - for mutual encouragement. I did a slow jog and finished in 1 hour 06 minutes. Luckily no injuries or mishap. Unfortunately 1 runner (of the full marathon) collapsed half way and died in hospital 2 days later.

My wife ask me why I took part in this 'hazardous' activity? I don't really know but it may have something to do with getting old? As Onn Keong said getting to 50 makes him want to do things faster; many more things to do. I suppose joining the race is same. I want to take on new challenges while I still can. It would nice to hear from others what challenges they have taken recently.