Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lamb sausages, chicken thigh, Baramundi and dark ale in Sydney

Greetings from DownUnder.

It was great meeting up with Raj, Patrick and Toong Meng just now. We had really nice and salty lamb sausages, beers etc in this place call RedOak Boutique Pub where the beers were brewed in house.


# pics kinda blurr, not becos of shaky hands but not enough AUD to buy better camera
# Avtar - if you do read this mail you may like to contact Raj and the rest of Ipoh Mali ppl who are now living in Oz

Sunday, July 11, 2010

FW: Guess who was conducting and singing in Ipoh tonight.....

Well, it was a great food and complete with a great singing finale in Ipoh tonight for the Ipoh Mali boys and gals and according to our icon, the short video is a prelude for one of next year ACS dinner's presentations....or more of a kind of akan datang thingy and box office event.

Also I have included some pics, errr...quite blur la and also missed couple of you folks using my old defunk pda....more and better pics to come when our Ipoh Mali architect and Christine (guess who....) can email over better quality shorts taken with their more cangih cameras.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DElicious Again Tues 15 June 2010

Pics courtesy of Chin Tuck Seng....our official photographer and his message for the rest.


Hello everyone,
Some of us ACSians managed to squeeze some time to attend last night's dinner 15 June at Delicious Restaurant in Bangsar attended by the usual very supportive kaki's namely Kee Kuang, Nyat Keong, Hong Yik, Dr Sukdershan, Dr Manjit (who despite his very busy dental schedule managed to grace the occassion), Mun Ngor (who took time off again to come all the way from Batu Pahat), Chi Wi (back for hols from Taiwan). Edmund Ewe resurfaced after so many years absence & we wish our brother a warm welcome.
2. We were also very lucky as the usual guys gathering this time was graced by 3 ladies from Form Six Sc. C ie Wai Lan, Lay Ian and Sook Fun (if not mistaken came all the way from Ipoh).
3. Our brother King Loon only arrived after dinner ended but all was not lost as some of us adjourned with him for teh tarik at Devi's Corner
4. Some snaps of the gathering for remembrance. If the photos are too large perhaps can download & saved for viewing.
5. Good news as Dr Manjit has proposed to arrange a future gathering of ACSians possibly at Selangor Club, Bukit Kiara (he is a member). We look forward to this and hope many can attend.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Makan Minum Rock Garden June 10 - pics courtesy of TSeng

Pics taken by TuckSeng and as he mentioned, we hope more of 75/73 will join in these Makan2 and Minum2 sessions. Cheers...KeeKuang
Last set of snaps from Rock Garden Makan 5 Jun 2010. Hope some of our ACS friends who have not attended these gatherings can make it the next round.

Fwd: ACS Makan Minum Jun 2010

Hi all,
Had a great time makan and minum at ACS gathering at Rock Garden 5 jun 2010. Some new additions (guys most have not seen for some years) who managed this time to join the regular gathering, Wan Meow Kwan, Lee Mun Ngor & Thum Wai Seng. Some photos for remembrance. Snaps were sent earlier but maybe encountered errors.
Tuck Seng