Monday, September 30, 2013

Fantastic Years in Medical School

This presentation was produced by me some 3 years ago when my University Mates met in Ipoh.
The video has become jumpy after reformatting to MPEG4 format for blogger upload.  Hope you won't feel giddy after watching it.  Do enjoy the music if you need to close your eyes!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

COPD Lecture @ Citrus

COPD lecture for a select group of doctors and pharmacists.  Saturday 28th September 2013 at Citrus, Ipoh.  The salmon and dessert was really good.  

Handheld scanner

I am very impressed with this handheld scanner called Avision.  I managed to scan some very clear  images from the blue picture album below.  There is some urgency in getting the family history together.  Mother just celebrated her 91st birthday.  Praise the Lord.  You may wish to see some pictures at

LSN Fish Farms at Ampang

Leong Yeow Nyean with the head of fish farms and fruit plantations.
Behind is a water storage tank made from very large cement drainage pipes.
To the left were the experimental fish tanks. 

Father's favourite hobby - fishing
Leong Weng Hon and Leong Yeow Nyean with their "ikan aruans". 
These fishes are aplenty in the farm.

This pond at Ampang has tilapias, haruans and ikan hantus. 


Opening Ceremony, Min Tet School

Former Education Minister, Tan Sri Khir Johari

With the School Board.  Father on Minister's left.

Eastern Hotel, Cameron Highlands

Father with brother beside a fireplace at the hotel new wing.

The original hotel.


Guest rooms.  Behind was a strawberry park.


Eastern Hotel located at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

Parents Wedding

Chee Swee Ngoh and Leong Yeow Nyean

Family Picture taken at Office Complex beside Leong Sin Nam's Bungalow
(L - R) Grandmothers 5th, 4th, Mother, Father, Grandmothers 1st, 2nd, 3rd

With the Bestmen

At the Registry of Marriage

1st Auntie
At the Office Complex, Leong Sin Nam Bungalow

2nd Auntie

Leong Yeow Nyean signing the Marriage Certificate
at the Registry of Marriage

Chee Swee Ngoh signing the Marriage Certificate

Gifts for the wedding.  The tea sets and cutlery still available.

Dressing table behind still in my house

The bed covers still exists

This bedroom was located at the Office Complex, LSN bungalow

Tea Ceremony.  Wong Kim Thai, 1st Grandmother

Tea Ceremony
(L - R) Grandmothers Chee Liew Kim 5th, Lee Soon You 3rd, Chew Nyit Fah 2nd,
and Voon Soon Moi 4th.

Tea Ceremony.  Chee Liew Kim, 5th Grandmother

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Voon Soon Moi (Paternal Grandmother)

Voon Soon Moi (Paternal Grandmother)

Maternal Grandmother

Maternal Grandmother

Parents Engagement

Chee Swee Ngoh & Leong Yeow Nyean

Engagement Ceremony
at the Perak Chinese Amateur Dramatic Association Building

Father, Mother and Grandmother (L - R)

A Rising Tennis Star

Leong Yeow Nyean receiving his Tennis Trophy
from Mrs Wong Weng Choon. Mr. Wong seated on the right

Leong Yeow Nyean with his team

Tennis and Billiard at Ipoh YMCA

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Doctor

This large framed poster hangs above the examination couch in my clinic.  It was a gift from Dato Teh Siew Eng a close family friend.

"The Doctor" was painted by Sir Luke Fildes.

'Fildes himself said that he wanted 'to put on record the status of the doctor in our own time'. In his description of the picture he indicates that unlike the case of his own son, this one has a happy ending: 'At the cottage window the dawn begins to steal in - the dawn that is the critical time of all deadly illnesses - and with it the parents again take hope into their hearts, the mother hiding her face to escape giving vent to her emotion, the father laying his hand on the shoulder of his wife in encouragement of the first glimmerings of the joy which is to follow.'

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Gopeng Museum

Visited the Gopeng Museum last Saturday 21st September 2013.  The old double storey shop house was located rather easily.  If you are coming from Ipoh along Gopeng Road, just take the turning to the left before the police station and then another left turn to reach the main road in town where the museum is located.  

Gopeng town plan

History of Gopeng Town in pictures

A cute narrow staircase

Exit to the varendah on the left

Interesting door

Matching colour
The operators of the museum have put in a lot of effort into preserving the heritage of Gopeng town.  However, the museum should be more focused on the story it is trying to tell rather than placing all the unrelated exhibits under the same roof.  My sincere congratulations to the directors of the museum.