Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Gopeng Museum

Visited the Gopeng Museum last Saturday 21st September 2013.  The old double storey shop house was located rather easily.  If you are coming from Ipoh along Gopeng Road, just take the turning to the left before the police station and then another left turn to reach the main road in town where the museum is located.  

Gopeng town plan

History of Gopeng Town in pictures

A cute narrow staircase

Exit to the varendah on the left

Interesting door

Matching colour
The operators of the museum have put in a lot of effort into preserving the heritage of Gopeng town.  However, the museum should be more focused on the story it is trying to tell rather than placing all the unrelated exhibits under the same roof.  My sincere congratulations to the directors of the museum. 

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