Sunday, March 5, 2006

Day after the 7Km Run of the 2006 KL Marathon....

Hmmmm....I survived the run. Not bad considering that I have not run for quite a long, long, long time...and all I managed was to put in some "practice" runs in the gym & around the office a week before that.
The Day
Got up at 5.20am as I needed to pick Josh's fren Keen Wai and then set off to pick Josh (he stayed overnight at his best fren's place). Discovered that the highway leading there was closed (for the full marathon) and we had to detour to Pantai before reaching Taman Desa. As we set off we discoverd we had not prepared properly....gosh we were hungry. Fortunately Josh's fren Foo Seng had some bananas......good source of energy.
The Race
Soon it was time to start off from Dataran Merdeka. Agghhh...too many people infront, just had to let the crowd run first and started a steady (old man talk) pace. Strangely stamina was not an issue (probably becos of the slow pace) but the tightness/pain around the left ankle and ahhemmm...the bladder gave some issues. Well, mind over matters....there will always be something that will not be right with the body when you run these races.
First milestone after Dataran Merdeka....Pudu Jail. Sweats, pain,burning heart, pumping lungs, a full bladder & NO finishing line in sight....but I must go on....loh behold I reached the Lot 10 junction. Still a long way to go....shall I stop or go on?!! I must continue (my surname is Hum, you know.....) and finally around Sheraton Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail (maybe with another 3 or only 2 km to finishing line) I had to walk to ease the pain. Walked briskly for 200 metres and started running again....strangely the pain went away. Smooth running after that and soon it was the turn to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman....and loh....from far I see the tallest flagpole in the world (the most beautiful sight). I preservered and continued running, finished the race and survived.
The Reward
The reward.....nasi lemak with curry chicken and plenty of sambal with a hot cup of teh tarik with Josh and his frenz.

Josh, Yih Hon (Josh's best fren) & me after the race and before the
glorious nasi lemak!!