Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pizza Dance

With bacon.

With pork sausages

The chocolate cake with caramel.

Impromptu dance.

Finally managed to eat at Michelangelo's Pizzaria last Saturday.  Lots of young people waiting to get in.  We were fortunate as a good friend secured our seats earlier.  This pizzaria is special because the pizzas are wood fired, apparently the method in which pizzas are made in America!  Obviously the place is owned by an American.  The music was ear deafening.  To our amusement, a girl was so high in pizza that she danced on the counter.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prof. Ong Chi Wi is back visiting.

We thank Yip Foo Wah for these lovely photos taken at the Rock Garden. 
Where is this place?  You may like to Google it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Proposed Ipoh ACS Alumni Meeting Place in ACS

The Ipoh ACS Alumni Secretariat is currently located in Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh.  It is in New Town whilst the School is located in the Old Town which is a far distance away.  We propose a new meeting place within the ACS School compound to better serve the Alumni members and the students.  This place is located within the Swimming Pool complex and allows access to the swimming pool and gymnasium for old boys and girls.   There are ample car park bays and the place is secured from the main primary and secondary school complex.  I envisage the use of the room shown below for casual meetings (chit chats, tit bits and soft drinks).  This room has a beautiful view overlooking the swimming pool below when the partitions are removed.  The adjoining room can be air conditioned and used for talks.  That room can probably hold a 100 people or more.  Old boys and girls can give talks folowed by career discussions with the students.  The cost of renovating the rooms will be affordable.  It would be great if some teachers like Mr. Justice Havelock (industrial arts teacher) who can teach us wood work or metal work in the nearby industrial arts block.

Room above the ladies changing room previously used as hostel rooms.

The corridor leading to another room beside the gymnasium.

A beautiful view of the swimming pool below from the corridor.

A view from the corridor showing the lifeguard meetiing room beside the gym (far left) on 1st floor.

Vacated lifeguard meeting room.

The industrial art block/laboratory beside the swimming pool with car park.

Car park behind male chaning room.  Horley hall in the centre.

SMK Methodist (ACS) Ipoh. Special Academic Awards 2012

S. Ramalingam Further Mathematics Memorial Prize: 
Beh Jia Wei 6AB

K. Reveendran Economics Award:
Khaw Eng Seng  6AA

Tye Soh Sim Literary & Oratory Award:
Mukish Kumar A/L Munyady 5B

Foo Nyuk Yong English Award:
Roshan A/L Sehkar  5B

Ralph Kesserling Memorial Award:
Ng Shi Jie  6AT

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Managing Asthma and COPD Effectively

This is a major event of the Malaysian Thoracic Society in Perak this year.  During this half day programme we shall be teaching doctors how to manage asthma and COPD effectively.  The speakers are Dr. Leong Oon Keong, Dr. Rosalind Toh and Dr. Michael Joseph.