Saturday, December 27, 2008

Long lost comrade who had moved from Ipoh to Kiwi Land then to Crocodile Dundee's country and visiting Malaysia @ the moment

Raj aka Nalliah Rajalingam been back to Malaysia annually for last 3-4 years and it was only through NK that we finally met up with him tonite.......after 34 years. It was a small gathering but the catch-ups was good especially exchange of views of what (we think) is happening globally and expectation of 2009. Some of the ideas were profound but mostly incomprehensible...e.g why the USD is gets stronger as US's economy gets more teruk, talk about the confederation of US, Canada and Mexico and their new currency or why printing of money is not such a bad idea as a way out of recession.

Anyway hope to see Raj more often and trust he and Leona will have a safe trip back to Sydney tomorrow nite. God Bless.....