Saturday, December 27, 2008

Long lost comrade who had moved from Ipoh to Kiwi Land then to Crocodile Dundee's country and visiting Malaysia @ the moment

Raj aka Nalliah Rajalingam been back to Malaysia annually for last 3-4 years and it was only through NK that we finally met up with him tonite.......after 34 years. It was a small gathering but the catch-ups was good especially exchange of views of what (we think) is happening globally and expectation of 2009. Some of the ideas were profound but mostly incomprehensible...e.g why the USD is gets stronger as US's economy gets more teruk, talk about the confederation of US, Canada and Mexico and their new currency or why printing of money is not such a bad idea as a way out of recession.

Anyway hope to see Raj more often and trust he and Leona will have a safe trip back to Sydney tomorrow nite. God Bless.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ACS Reunion Dinner 2008

Leong Oon Keong, Liew Kam Chong, Teh Moon Chong, Perumal, Chan Nyat Keong

YB Lim's family from Hong Kong and USA.

Chan Kok Meng showing off his ACS school badge. Where is his school prefect badge? Perumal is back from afar.

Picture with school teachers: Mrs. Wong Chong Yim and Mr. Lam Poh Wah.

With MGS Primary Headmistress Mdm. Yau Sook Fun. Hum Kee Kuang is on the right.

To the right of Perumal is Daimler and Vivian.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

113 year old.......

Was in Ipoh on Saturday night for the 113 anniversary of our alma mater with NK. One of the highlights was the singing of the school song.....and for one moment I thought Mr Chin YK might consider singing the Horley Hall's anthem. There were some 50 tables altogether which work roughly out an average 2 tables per year but then again as usual there are more active exACS for certain years....class of 75/73 was under-represented as I estimated there were less than 10 of us. Class of 1978 seem to be most active and apparently they have collected RM26k for the school during one of their reunions.
Yong Been and families were there and also managed to catch up with Ngan Sing. At our table was OnnKeong, NK, Sook Fun, Mr Lam Poh Wah (an old teacher turned remiser), Moon Chong and his friend Simon, another couple whom I did not catch their names and an old fren whom most of us have not seen for a looooong time. Have a guesss of who he is ....

I am refering to the guy in white....and on the left is Lam Poh Wah.

Monday, February 11, 2008

More Pictures of CNY Gathering

This CNY gathering is truly remarkable. Gathered are some whom I have not met since I left ACS in 1976. Perhaps this gathering is the beginning of something bigger next year. Thanks to Kee Kuang for sending out a timely email to meet. Surprisingly most of the people gathered are actually staying in KL now. We shall definitely try harder to gather more classmates who are staying in Ipoh next year. Perhaps more teachers too.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Gathering of Good Old Frens & Teacher during this festive season

OK...thanks for hosting last night was great and a record informal gathering of ACS 73/75. A number of "new" faces graced the evening....a pair with identical initial YKM, Choon Beng - the artist, Kek Yoong, Meow Kwan & wife, Yoke Foong & wife and of course Mr Chin Yoong Kim.

## OK - i)can you please forward pics to CYK.
ii) KiatBeng (my wifey) really loves the bakchang made by your mum-in-law...thanks again for the good food and drinks.

## ChikKaw - CYK send his regards to you and how proud you were of the ACS stage...something to do with you acting the school drama

CNY '08 Gathering

Date: 8 - 2 - 08 (sounds auspicious) Venue: Oon Keong's House (which was a refreshing change from Miner's Arm with a bigger turnout)

From left: Chan Wan Hon, Chong Fong Fatt, Richard Yew, Teh Choon Beng, Lau Fei Chew, Chan Nyat Keong, Yim Kam May, Chung Kek Yoong, Yau Sook Fun, Yoke Fong's OH, Cheah Yoke Fong, Meow Kwan's OH, Wan Meow Kwan, Hum Kee Kuang, Leong Oon Keong
Not in picture: Chin Yoong Kim, Teh Moon Chong
Apology: Kam May's face for being distorted in the merged picture, Kek Yoong for looking away. Will work on improving the picture
Acknowledgement: Oon Keong, the gracious host for his kind hospitality
Apology: Kam May's face for being distorted in the merged picture, Kek Yoong for looking away. Will work on improving the picture

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service 2007

My wife, Hooi, carrying Matthew and my elder son Joshua in front having his dessert.

On my left is Mr. Lee Hoong Chong the church administrator.

Mr. Chong Fong Fatt and family.
Monday 24th December was surely a night to remember. Mr. YB Lim and wife were in our Canning Garden Methodist Church for Christmas Eve Service. Met them for a short while after service. I was looking out for them in the Garden Terrace where light refreshments were served. Couldn't find them but surprise, surprise.......... found Mr. Chong Fong Fatt and family instead. That was the first time I met his charming wife and family.

KIDS Christmas Party 2007

The Rainbow Choir of Canning Garden Methodist Church presenting a musical drama. Fantastic songs and a meaningful message of Hope for the Christmas Season.

These balloons were released to the kids. It was such a spectacular and colourful sight.
My son attended the KIDS Christmas Party held in the Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh. I was the camera man responsible for putting up the pictures in our church website. Please visit for more photos. I shall try to put up videos next. The Christmas tree was made up of 500 stockings created by our youths. Each child took home one sock and there weren't enough to go around.