Friday, February 8, 2008

A Gathering of Good Old Frens & Teacher during this festive season

OK...thanks for hosting last night was great and a record informal gathering of ACS 73/75. A number of "new" faces graced the evening....a pair with identical initial YKM, Choon Beng - the artist, Kek Yoong, Meow Kwan & wife, Yoke Foong & wife and of course Mr Chin Yoong Kim.

## OK - i)can you please forward pics to CYK.
ii) KiatBeng (my wifey) really loves the bakchang made by your mum-in-law...thanks again for the good food and drinks.

## ChikKaw - CYK send his regards to you and how proud you were of the ACS stage...something to do with you acting the school drama

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