Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Perak Lung Health Day Part 4

Perak Lung Health Day 2013 was held on Sunday, 19th May 2013 at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park “Polo Ground” in Ipoh. 

The highlights of the event were:

1. A poster exhibition on four diseases viz. asthma, COPD, OSA and smoking cessation.

2. A “fun walk” with 189 registered participants comprising of school students and members of the public.

3. Health screening for the general public with emphasis on asthma control, COPD control, OSA screening and the level of nicotine addiction.

Registration for the fun walk started at 6.30 am. Prior to the walk all participants were required to answer 10 questions pertaining to asthma, COPD, OSA and smoking cessation. The answers to the questions were readily available at the poster exhibition. At 7.45 am the President gave a short welcome speech. At 8.00 am. the event was launched by Dr. Ko Chung Sen (MP for Kampar), the CEO’s of 4 private hospitals (Hospital Fatimah, KPJ ISH, Hospital Pantai Ipoh, Perak Community Specialist Hospital), Principals of SMK Methodist (ACS) Ipoh and SMK Ave Maria Convent, the President, Vice-President and Secretary of the Perak Chest Society.

The walkathon was flagged off by the Principal of ACS, Mdm Soot Mooy Ching, whose school is a participant of our Asthma Friendly School project. The walkathon participants had to walk 3 rounds on the Polo ground. Prizes were given to the first 10 fastest walkers who also answered more than 90% of the questions correctly. The top 3 prizes were foldable bicycles and the other 7 were hampers. All participants were given a Asthma Friendly School T- shirt, a voucher for breakfast, a goodie bag and a Certificate of Participation. 

Nurses were present to provide free blood pressure, blood sugar and body composition tests. We used the CAT, ACT, OSA and FTND questionnaires for screening. Those with poor CAT and ACT scores were given free spirometry tests (available in 4 stations). Dieticians gave free dietary advice for those who were either overweight or obese. Six volunteer doctors were present to provide medical advice. 

There were 3 participating fitness groups which came on stage to lead the aerobic exercises for the attendees. Star War characters provided picture opportunities. 

The event ended at 12.00 noon. Lunch was provided for the volunteers at the Prosperous Restaurant at 1.00 pm. Umbrellas from the previous PLHD were given away as a token of appreciation.

The Asthma Friendly School booklet has a list of all the donors and well-wishers for the event. This booklet is available for free download at A photo album is also available in the website.

Winner of one of the ten prizes.

3rd Prize

2nd Prize

1st Prize

Top scorer of Asthma test from SM Ave Maria Convent.

Top scorer of Asthma test from SM Methodist (ACS) Ipoh.

Who is the winner here?

Perak Lung Health Day Part 3

Goodie bags for all participants.

Claiming the Goodie bags.

With the My501st

Lucky fellow.

Dr Lee providing free counselling.

At the Abbott stall.

Dance with us.

Wow look at that.

Everyone can be slim and fit.

Body build too.

No snatch thief here.

The Trooper is dancing.

Ouch it hurts.

Very well synchronised.

The volunteers who make this event possible.

Another round of exercise.  The crowd remains.

We cannot stop. The legs are moving by themselves.

The best prizes.

A hamper will do for the time being.

Perak Lung Health Day 2013 Part 2

Go go go!

Off they go

BP HealthCare mobile unit.

Performing peak flow test.

Peak flow meter used to monitor asthma control.

Completing third round.

With the Asthma Club members from Selangor.

Sir, your blood pressure is okay.

Ms Tan the dietician explaining his body composition.

Completed 3rd round. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Perak Lung Health Day 2013 Part 1

Perak Lung Health Day 2013 was celebrated on Sunday 19th May at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park (Polo Ground).  Thank God the weather was excellent.  Organisation was superb except for the mildly disorganised stall arrangements.  All in all a great and successful event.

The Perak Chest Society Stall.

The Pantai Ipoh Hospital Stall.  Behind each stall were the learning posters where the answers for the quizzes were.

The top 3 Prizes were foldable bicycles. Lots of Goodie Bags.

Students and Adults registering.

Team from SM Methodist (ACS) Ipoh. 

The Starting and Ending line.  Early walkers using it.

Moments before the speech.

YB Dr. Ko Chung Sen and family also joined the fun.  He is the current Member of Parliament for Kampar.

Yes. Listening to my speech!!

Delivering a very short speech and getting the Walkathon going.

All excited launching the Asthma Friendly School project.

Look at the confetti.

Getting ready to start.

Mdm. Soot Mooy Ching with husband Mr. Lee Hock Hin getting ready to flag off the event.