Saturday, May 11, 2013

A week before the Walkathon

One up for members of the Perak Chest Society.  We were at the Polo Ground this morning at 7.00 am all set to increase the number of participants for our Walkathon next Sunday.  We borrowed a makeshift counter from Abbott to display our T shirts and for a place to write.  We also brought along our 1st Prize - a foldable bicycle to encourage people to join the walkathon.  Given the number of people exercising this morning we are expecting a mammoth crowd next Sunday.  Pray for good weather next Sunday.
Members wearing the Asthma Friendly School T shirt.

Hello everyone.

Makeshift counter and see our 1st Prize above the rubbish stand!!  Innovative!!

Come and join us. Not interested?  Still can come for free health screening.  Always smile!

Interested crowd.

Signing up.

Last entry for the day.  Counter being held up by Melvin.  Good job.  Thank you all.

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