Friday, July 31, 2020

Retirement Home

This building belongs to the Perak Tuft Club. It is purpose built to be a retirement home. We have an interested church group which wishes to set up an independent living home using this premise. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kampar Student House

This house is ready for students. The common spaces will allow students to interact and network. Security systems are in place to provide a safe environment for study. 

Student's mentorship programmes are available. 

The basketball courts are opposite the house. Also a great place to hold barbecues nearby.  

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Perak Chest Society AGM 2020

Presided our first AGM virtually.  It was easy and convenient to meet in the cloud.  The audio visual was good.  Used ZOOM platform.  Was able to share screen and even annotate on the slides.  We were using the free version and was cut off after about 45 minutes into the meeting.  We restarted the meeting by sending another meeting link from ZOOM.  Not much of a hassle in reconnecting.  But best is to buy a license.  

ZOOM seems to be easier to use than Skype.  Can also schedule a ZOOM meeting via Microsoft Outlook. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Bloom's Taxonomy

Most school students are able to climb up to the 3rd level of the pyramid. University students and professionals are better able to analyse and evaluate problems.  But to be able to create something new, it will require a bright new idea followed up with a vision, focus and perseverance. 

Perak Tuft Club Meeting

Had a fruitful meeting with the Perak Tuft Club management regarding the setting up of a multi church retirement home at their newly completed building (located just beside the race course).

Need to come up with a written proposal with all the cost estimates for this not-for-profit project.  Prayerfully the Board of Directors of Perak Tuft Club will sponsor the building for the Churches to start the much needed project for the elderly in Ipoh. 

The 2 level building is purpose built with many halls suitable for community living.  

Friday, July 10, 2020

Success vs Significance

Success is generally defined in terms of achievement, fame, recognition, material possessions and wealth. In a word: outcome.

Significance, on the other hand, while less tangible, concerns the process. Significance is importance, meaning, essence, relevance and value. Success drives us by a desire for greater things; significance guides us by a desire for something greater than just what is tangible.

On the path of significance have a sense of 1 urgency, 2 whole of life and 3 defining what significance means.

The best is to build up both success and significance at the same time. However, one must not be prideful once successful. Need to be humble at all times.  Also to realise that one can channel whatever one has gained in success to significance. It's all in the mindset whether one places success or significance to be the more important element in one's life and what legacy one wishes to leave behind.