Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ACS Reunion Dinner 2008

Leong Oon Keong, Liew Kam Chong, Teh Moon Chong, Perumal, Chan Nyat Keong

YB Lim's family from Hong Kong and USA.

Chan Kok Meng showing off his ACS school badge. Where is his school prefect badge? Perumal is back from afar.

Picture with school teachers: Mrs. Wong Chong Yim and Mr. Lam Poh Wah.

With MGS Primary Headmistress Mdm. Yau Sook Fun. Hum Kee Kuang is on the right.

To the right of Perumal is Daimler and Vivian.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

113 year old.......

Was in Ipoh on Saturday night for the 113 anniversary of our alma mater with NK. One of the highlights was the singing of the school song.....and for one moment I thought Mr Chin YK might consider singing the Horley Hall's anthem. There were some 50 tables altogether which work roughly out an average 2 tables per year but then again as usual there are more active exACS for certain years....class of 75/73 was under-represented as I estimated there were less than 10 of us. Class of 1978 seem to be most active and apparently they have collected RM26k for the school during one of their reunions.
Yong Been and families were there and also managed to catch up with Ngan Sing. At our table was OnnKeong, NK, Sook Fun, Mr Lam Poh Wah (an old teacher turned remiser), Moon Chong and his friend Simon, another couple whom I did not catch their names and an old fren whom most of us have not seen for a looooong time. Have a guesss of who he is ....

I am refering to the guy in white....and on the left is Lam Poh Wah.