Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Ideal Volunteer

To recruit volunteers effectively and to ensure the volunteers have the necessary passion and dedication, it is critical to know what we exactly need. To do that we need to create a profile of an ideal volunteer.

List the organisation and its goals.

The ideal volunteer would be hard to come by. Play to people's strengths and actual abilities (rather than perceived strength).

Volunteer profile:bottom line
1. List all the characteristics one is looking for
2. Be specific
3. Match at least 2 of the characteristics
4. Play to people's strength

The mission needs to be very clear.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Urban Sketchers Ipoh opening speech


Mr Chin Kok Yan - Chairman, organising committee, Urban Sketchers Ipoh

Mr Phang Chew and Mr Rene Enriquez – sketch artists who will be conducting the Workshops.

On behalf of the Board Members of YMCA Lahat Road, I wish to extend a warm welcome to everyone present here today.

Special Occasion

This is indeed a very special occasion and a great honour for me to be invited by Urban Sketchers Ipoh to launch their impressive Exhibition. Thank you. I must congratulate Mr Chin and his team for working so hard to put up this Exhibition. The sketches are very beautiful. These sketches will immortalise buildings and structures which may be torn down in future. The sketches will then remain as permanent records for our younger generations to appreciate.

Mr Chin will tell you much more about the Vision and Mission of Urban Sketchers Ipoh during his speech.

Today is also a very special day. It is Easter Sunday. Jesus Christ is alive today because he conquered death some 2000 odd years ago. He was nailed to a cross, died and raised from the dead again. He is alive today and remains faithful to His promise of eternal life.

15 Clarke Street

This building is named 15 Clarke Street. Leong Sin Nam built this row of shophouses. My parents and I used to stay at the corner shop after the Japanese Occupation. My early childhood was spent in this neighbourhood.

Upstairs we have the Leong Sin Nam Hall and the Leong Yeow Nyean Library.

Starting next year, every January, the Leong family will be organising the Leong Sin Nam Memorial Lecture and Exhibition. The Leong Sin Nam Exhibition will run for 2 weeks.

TO BE is the name of the registered company here.

YMCA Lahat Road will be conducting its activities here. Please get hold of a YMCA brochure before you leave. You can obtain up to date information from our website and do follow us in Twitter. We shall be starting the IMPACT and DISCOVER programmes next month. Please come and join us. You are encouraged to become YMCA members.


SJK Min Tet

In a short while I shall be inviting 3 top achievers from SJK Min Tet School to receive their prizes sponsored by the Leong Educare Trust. Next year onwards the prizes will be given away during the LSN Memorial Lecture. Leong Sin Nam founded the school in Falim and my father Leong Yeow Nyean was very supportive of its activities.

Thank you.

Urban Sketchers Ipoh Exhibition

Urban Sketchers Ipoh Exhibition opening programme

11 am
Arrival of Guests

11.20 am
Welcome Speech by Dr Leong Oon Keong
Appreciation speech by Mr Chin Kok Yan
Souvenir Presentation
Prize giving to SJK Min Tet

Monday, April 10, 2017

Urban Sketchers Exhibition press conference

Exhibition will start this Saturday and the official opening is on Easter Sunday. Come and join us. Sketches by artists young and old.