Monday, January 9, 2006

Clinic Nurse Injured

Beware if you are a resident of Ipoh. I was told yesterday that there is a group of 3 Indian males who have been terrorising businesses in town. They will enter shops in broad daylight and slash anyone in sight to cause panic. Then they will ask the the shop owners to give them money which they are more than willing to give to avoid harm. That is their modus operandi.

And today I was told that a clinic in Ipoh Garden South was robbed by most probably the same gang. It happened at 8.30 am when the nurse was opening the clinic door. 3 Indian males jumped at her, got her inside the clinic, punched her and slashed her. Fortunately or unfortunately, the doctor was not inside otherwise he will also be slashed. The gang did not make off with much money and so they will be robbing again.

So be very careful wherever you are. Most of these news are not reported in the press. Arm yourseves with pepper sprays and the like or simply carry RM 5,000 with you everywhere to be given away freely!!

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