Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hi -Really old ACS classmate
Chi Wi here in Taiwan for over twenty years.
Here is a photo of me, my wife and daughter(third chlid, 9 years old) at an outing in Eastern Taiwan. Will post my two handsome sons photos (19 and 17 years old) next time.
It nice for Onn Keong to set up this Blog so that we can all chat once a while.
I am still surviving and goes back to Malaysia at least twice a year to see my parents in JB.
I travel around quit a lot and it will be nice to know other classmate oversea so that we can visit.
I suggest an address book (plus phone) to be added.
Hope to see you people around sometime.
If anyone happen to be in Taiwan, give me an e-mail (cong@mail.nsysu.edu.tw) or ring me at
(77-5250355, ignore the 07 if you are in Kaoshiung or 0952311150 H/P) . We have ample space to put you up for as long as you like.
Cheers everyone and 'HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR


  1. Hi Chi Wi and family. A lovely picture of your family and whereabout is this place? I am not sure how to add an address book to the blog. Any suggestion?

  2. Hi Chi Wi

    I stumbled on this site by accident when surfing the net. Do call me when you come back next time.

    Hong Yick