Friday, December 9, 2011

Healesville Sanctuary, Australia

At Healesville Sanctuary near Melbourne.  There is an abundance of Koalas in the sanctuary.  Koalas love Eucalyptus tree leaves.  I used to have 5 Eucalyptus trees in my home.  They were planted by my father who was ever fascinated with the tree while he was studying in Australia.  The leaves are used to make medicated oils for body aches and pain.

Here you see a vet nursing the Tasmanian devils.  These cats in Tasmania are threatened by a disease which causes facial tumours. 

Picture taken from the base of a 250 year old Eucalyptus tree.  Awesome!!

And me inside the tree.  Pondering how it feels to be 250 years old.

A water fowl with her eggs.  Reminds me of avian flu.  A hot topic a couple of years ago because of a possible link with the flu pandemic.

Another photo with my Fuji camera.  I am certainly very happy with my camera. 

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  1. Oon Keong, You were thinking of 250 years old while in the eucalyptus tree? To me, you appear a 250 days old baby in the eucalyptus womb!