Saturday, November 5, 2011

Standard Three Class Photo

This is the earliest class group photo that I can find from my albums. Oh dear my memory is fading.  I can only remember Mrs. Chai Ah Chee whose husband was the accounts clerk in ACS secondary.  Someone please help identify the other 4 teachers.

Ah, I see some familiar faces.  Starting from the left the squatting row: Chan Sum Mee, ?, ?, Wong Yew Thye, ? Kok Fook Loy, ?

Seated: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Tan Chik Kaw, ................. ?, Yeow Yew Yuen, ?, Lee Kuan Wah,?, Lau Fei Chew

Standing 1st Row: ? Chan Wan Hon, ? , Lim Soon Aun, ?, Chin Tuck Seng, Chan Nyat Keong..............Wong Leong Yan, ?, Chuah Choong Chee, ?, ?, Paul Teh Teik Heng.

Standing Last Row: Lee Keng Loong, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?Wong Chee Kai, ?, ? Selvarajah, Chung Kek Yoong, Leong Oon Keong, ?, Yau Ngan Sing, Kwoon Wai Hoong, ?, ?, ?, ?

Paul TehTeik Heng was a good friend. He was the son of Datuk Teh Siew Eng a close family friend.  I remembered playing with him in the school field and on the 3 tiered high wooden benches. And guess what I did?  I pushed him down and he broke his arm!!  He probably had a green stick fracture which required an arm sling for several weeks.  What did I get for punishment? 

This is a quick drawing of the wooden bench. Behind the giant Tembusu trees and the fence surrounding the hockey field.  Behind is the ACS church.  Remember??


  1. Teachers: from L to R: 2nd. Mr. Cheah Soon Kiew, Mr. O' Yeoh Kok Cheong & Mr. S.M. Durai

    Boys - I'll try to make out.


  2. Hi Raja. Thanks for telling us. Do you remember the subjects these teachers taught?

  3. O' Yeoh Kok Cheong probably did not teach, he's in the foto 'cos he was the Afternoon session supervisor, a vert fierce fellow who used to ride a Honda Cup. S.M. Durai could have been the Asst. supervisor, taught Religious Knowlwdge and possibly poetry, in contrast to OYKC, was a very kindly fellow.

    Some of the boys are: (the late) Rajendran, sitting beside Chik Kaw; a something Philips or Philips something standing next to Kwoon Wai Hong; two persons after him is Syed Ameer Ali; standing next to Chuah Chong Chee on the first standing row could be Mohd. Zainal; and squatting before Wong Yew Thye could be Teh Choon Beng.

    Most of the faces look so familiar, just can't remember the names. Will try harder to put a name to the face.

  4. The 3-tiered wooden bench was probably there for only a few years when we were in primary school and disappeared from both the scene and memory until it was rekindled by your sketch. But wasn't it higher and somewhat longish?

  5. Been staring hard at that foto. 1st row standing, 2nd from left between Wan Hon and Swee Aun looks like Wong Chee Choong.

  6. If it was a Std 3 class - i think it was Std 3 E. I flung all my papers while i was in Std 2 B. Sorry guys what is Rajas full name. Dr Ong,Sorry i need to have a close examination of your face to go back the lost time tunnel - Syed Ameer Kuala Lumpur

  7. SA Ali,

    But isn't it you in that foto? And if you were in 2B, you class teacher was Mr. Lee Ing Kong. Do you remember your classmates there? Would be good if you can contribute some names so that we can reconstruct the register.

  8. Standing last in 2nd row could be TENG MENG, now in Klang.

  9. Standing 2nd row, 4th from right is Samuel Philips, or is it Philips Samuel?

  10. Ronnie Sim Lee Aik recently met up with Dr Chan Nyat Chee, a well-known dentist in Singapore today. Nyat Chee and I were librarians in Standard Six, the year the swimming pool was completed. I am David Teh's classmate as well; if you are Paul's then we were slightly older. Sad that David, now a well-known architect in KL told me that his younger brother had passed away. Wesley began my Christian life!

  11. Just saw this on the blog. I was in the same class but could not recognize my own self (as picture was blur) haha. Can somebody help.

    Chong Chee Meng (Andrew)