Friday, November 11, 2011

The ACS Grand Prix - 1975

Zooom. It's the ACS Grand Prix! This is a charity project organised by: Leong Oon Keong, Chen Tet Ngian, Khor Chin Guan, Chen Set Ngian, Timothy Liew, Julian, Lee Hock Hin, Lee Hock Soon and Cheah Teng Gin. The profit was $100.00 and was given to the Benefit Society.  It was a lot of money then when a bowl of mee just cost 50 cents. I am not sure whether our currency then was called the ringgit yet.

Here you can see Mr. Ng Chee Pin (Science), Mr. Mak Kim Yeng (Art, English), Ms Ong Su Ming (English literature), ?, Mrs. Liew Nyuk Choong, Mr. Justice Havelock having great fun driving the model cars. This Scalextric Racing Circuit was set up by the organisers.  We had to borrow very many racing tracks from several school mates to create a really long 4 lane racing circuit which occupied the Science Laboratory.

Mr. Ng is still lecturing in a private college in KL.  You will be able to meet him in Kok Thai Restaurant during Chinese New Year. 

Ms. Ong is in Ipoh and is the President of KAMI (Kinta Alliance for the Mentally Ill).  She is well remembered for her lessons in Macbeth. 

Mr. Mak had a stroke and passed away some years back.  I meet Mrs. Mak (Doong Lay Huong) in the Canning Garden Methodist Church every Sunday.

Mrs. Liew is still going strong.  She is well remembered for teaching us how to find books in the library using the Dewey Decimal system.  She is in my small church group.  Her husband, Mr. Liew is a pharmacist whom I remembered dispensing medicine in George Town Dispensary and later Himalaya Pharmacy, both favourite haunts of my father.

Mr. Justice Havelock taught me wood crafting. I love wood working and I am still dreaming to make my own dining set one of these days so I can invite you all for dinner.  Mr. Havelock is now residing in Australia.

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  1. Remember Mrs. Liew with a lot of fondness. Was my English teacher in Forms 1&2. Taught me real well. More importantly, stirred my interest in the English Language, which has not abated to date. TQ, TQ very much. She continued to show interest in my progress up to Sixth Form. She was also the Library Teacher. The library used to have its own team of Library Prefects, and if I'm not mistaken, Leong Oon Keong was once the Head Library Prefect. The Library was fully air-conditioned, a first for a school in Malaysia; had a large general section,a small fiction section (in a separate room) and an overnight section. If I am not mistaken, either the library or the fiction section was named after the late Mrs. Teerath Ram nee Harbans Kaur, who I understand was once in charge of the library and was, like Mrs. Liew, a very well- liked teacher. I hope to meet Mrs. Liew during my next visit to Ipoh.