Sunday, August 24, 2014

Suffolk House ID Meeting

We had an infectious disease meeting at Suffolk House, Penang on 23rd August 2014.  Had the opportunity to drive on the new Penang Bridge for the first time.  Splendid views from the bridge because I could drive very slowly.  There were very few cars on the bridge.  

Suffolk House was built on a vast pepper estate owned by Captain Francis Light (1740-1794), the founder of the Prince of Wales Island (Penang).  He lived there with the woman he loved, Martina Rozells of mixed Portuguese and Siamese descent.  

Suffolk House was restored in 2007 and is the winner of an Award of Distinction in the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.  It is one of the finest Anglo-Indian mansion outside India.  

Food was good at the restaurant.

I could imagine Captain Francis Light enjoying the view from the balcony.

The reception hall.

Our meeting room.

A world heritage building restored in 2007.

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