Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bank of Malaya 1920

"I must say that the Bank of Malaya initially formed by about 11 or 12 Chinese Gentlemen who were well known in the community in the State of Ipoh, Perak looked very impressive. Given the fact the the original capital to secure a certificate was 2 million dollars. This is indeed a massive amount given the year was 1920. We have got to ask our actuarial son to compute it to 2010 figures, I am sure it would be an awesome and massive figure now.

On referring to one of the attachments, ( I am forwarding you two mails) I think I can actually see a one Mr. Leong Sin Nam as one of the Directors. I presume he was one of the Directors and founders of the Bank of Malaya formed in Perak.

This Bank of Malaya in Perak was originally founded in 1920 and went into voluntary liquidation on 6 May 1932." ~ Mr Anton Nicholas (UK).

The Bank of Malaya building was later purchased by the Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd. Mr. Lim of Lim Kopi (red building to the right) currently owns the building.  It will be converted to a boutique hotel.

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