Sunday, August 24, 2014

Penang Time Tunnel

The Penang Time Tunnel is a history museum.  Entrance fee for adult RM 12.00.  It is located at 39, Jalan Green Hall a short distance from the Dewan Sri Pinang.  

At the bottom is an abbreviated history written for kids.  An audio tour is available on request.

Lots of life sized models on display.

A labyrinth of display walls with photos, paintings and artifacts.

A history of Penang over the last 400 years.

An elevated footpath to walk on to create the excitement.

A small AV room.

3 D murals for us to take photos with.

In the fluorescent room.  Ignore me who is not a good actor.

At the entrance.

All the history in Penang told in only one shoplot.  I am excited for my upcoming project.

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