Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tong Wah Cave, Ipoh

A couple of days ago a patient told me about the contributions of Leong Sin Nam on the development of the Tong Wah Cave in Ipoh.  This is something new to me and a search on the web showed the following results:

"The Tong Wah Cave Temple was founded about 140 years ago by some monks and later financed by philanthropists of the Kinta Valley, which was once well known as the number one producer of tin in the world.  Among the generous individuals who help set up the committee of the temple include Leong Sin Nam, who is an ex-tin miner.

Located about 2 km from the Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh, this cave is visible from the Tambun road after passing the Lost of Tambun and the Banjaran Hotspring. Almost every week, the temple receives a few hundred visitors and worshipers from all over Malaysia as well as from other countries. The temple is also an attraction to many tourist now. No entrance is charged but visitors can make any contribution towards the maintenance and development of the cave."

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