Thursday, August 8, 2013

Modified Borg Dypnea Scale

Took 2 hours to produce this Scale.  Couldn't find the correct combination of words and pictures in the web to make it easier for patients to indicate their level of breathlessness during stress testing.  Will also be using it for the 6 minute walk test. 

Patient Instructions for Borg Dyspnoea Scale 

This is a scale that asks you to rate the difficulty of your breathing. It starts at number 0 where your breathing is causing you no difficulty at all and progresses through to number 10 where your breathing difficulty is maximal. How much difficulty is your breathing causing you right now?”


  1. Hi, can i ask if there is any evidence stating that the accuracy of rating will improve with pictures?

  2. Hi. There is no evidence that pictures are more accurate in rating. However, pictures are more readily identifiable.