Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Geography Teacher is here.

Christmas is a wonderful time to rejoice the birth of Christ and to share the Good News.  Our Small Group has gathered with some friends.  Can you recognise the 2 ACS teachers in the photo above?

Here we have the current ACS Principal as well.  Guess who?

And this is a freshly baked chocolate cake - a creation from Poh Peng. 


  1. Fourth from left is Mrs. Liew holding a walking stick. She was the teacher in charge of the library.

    The sixth gentleman standing beside the person with red T shirt is Mr. Lam Poh Wah our geography teacher. He now works in OSK Securites.

  2. Mr Lam Poh Wah used to be a bachelor and used to stay at YMCA. He used to drive a VW for many many years. He favourite anger word for his naughty students was 'Vadai' - thinking about it, i wonder how n why he used the word then.

    Syed Ameer