Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Artist.....

Guess who designed this magazine 1968 when we were only 12?


  1. Any prize for the correct guess, KK? ;)

  2. Well MC, we can always have some stouts together or I can try to dig some old pics or stories bout u and post them. How does that sound......? Cheers...KK (",)

  3. KK
    Stout is fine but do you have old pics of me other than school pics meh?

    As to the artist/designer of the school magazine cover, I guess he is one of those who was present at your gathering. He probably brought the magazine. As you know, I didn't go thru ACS primary so I don't have much of a clue.

    My guess...could the artist/designer be Alvin Lee, whom I only knew as Lee Keng Loon and who was in the same class as me for a year in Form 1?

  4. MC. U r right & wrong. D artist is among of those but not Alvin Lee. Similarly I only joined ACS Ipoh in Form 1F.... Another hint - he is a left-hander & play badminton.
    R old pics of u...need 2 check but offhand dun think so la.

  5. Got it KK, so that's Lau Fei Chew.

  6. Does anyone have any pictures, school class photos of final year students from 1966-8? could you post them? My dad was there around that time, wanted to surprise him with some photographs.