Saturday, December 30, 2006

GOODBYE 2 006 & HELLO 2 007

A small gathering of frens at Rock Garden to send off 06 and welcom 07 ......first time we have a x-ACS gal in the gathering. We should invite more of the ladies in future.

Better late than never...good of Hong Yick & Carol to come later


  1. Nice pics... thanks for sharing, KK. Pretty much the same crowd as the gathering last year eh?
    Mind telling...
    Who's the cheerful lady in black?
    And in the 4th pic, guy in blue and white shirt, lady in pink?

  2. KK, Moon Chong, CK, the close-up was a horrible pic of me ( cheerful lady in black, I think). I had been working non-stop for 18 hours from 8 am Fri till 2 am Sat. I look better when I have enough sleep. You can also blame it on the camera man, poor lighting, wrong angle and cheap camera! Ha! Ha!

  3. Happy New Year. Great pictures. Lady in pink dress besides Foo Wah and Alvin is someone new or my memory is failing!! Who is she? I met Mee Chin in my clinic yesterday. Her email address is I shall invite her to our blog soonest possible.

  4. MC,
    Lady in black is Yau Sook Fun (as she pointed out) and I will try to get dig another pic of out for it!
    Guy is blue is Alvin Lee aka Lee Keng Loon and lady in pnk is Mrs Lee aka Eve.
    It takes effort to try to get ppl to move and get together la.....didn't get much response from the rest except WanHon who had another appointment dat nite.

    As mentioned pics taken wif my new love....dopod be sensitive ya! Anyway she is well endowed....slim form,thumb dial, 3G, WM5, push mail,2M camera and do lots of stuff for me like mobile blogging and waking me up every morning.......LOL

    Hope that answer yr question bout Alvin and wife.
    Will add meechin to my mailing list.

    Cheers...agfoxx aka KK

  5. Aah..Yau Sook Fun, author of 'Fun with Phonics', how could I have missed that! No wonder she looked familier. The previous picture taken with the VIP's definitely looked a whole lot better.
    Yes KK, you should post another nicer one of her to make up. :)

  6. Hey Guys, I waz from ACS Ipoh. How come never c u guys b4?