Sunday, January 7, 2007

Old Buildings.......Pt 1

This should bring back some memories for most of us....

The first one is straight forward.....our swimming pool. Just wondering whether it is still there or has become a koi pond. Remember some of the gals used have their periods everyweek - on the day where there was a swimming period.

Would be great if someone comment on pic 2 to pic 5 and .......memories etc. Still have a couple old ones that I will post another time.


  1. Hello there,
    Great to see shots of the 'old' school particularly picture 4 which, if I am correct, was Holley Hall. Being a boarder, this was my dormitory for 4 years(1970 to 1974. Learnt to grow up pretty quick there. Independence was very much fostered those days. Every student had a responsibility for themselves and to their fellow boarder. It was full board but looking back, food served leaves alot to be desired. Our infamous boarding master, Brian Fernanders ran the hostel with tight reigns and kept discipline to a very high standard. Anyone knows what happened to Brian? Memorable years!!

    Steve Yong

  2. Hi Steve,
    The last time I saw Brian was 5-7 years back in Ipoh during one of the ACS dinner. He was and probably still is doing fine. Number of teachers are still teaching though most in the private sector now.

    Trust you are doing fine in NZ (base on your email address).

    Cheers.... kk @ agfoxx

  3. Thank you for the update re-Brian.Did try to catch up with him when I came home for vacation during my earlier years abroad. Unfortunately, I always missed him. I think he often go back to Pahang during school holidays. Since finding this website, I have been searching in vain for our Horley Hall annual group photos. Must have put it away somewhere in the attic. If found, I will post them on this site. It might jog some memories.

  4. Hey, I was there in HH from 71 to 73. My name is Lim Yong Been or "Korea" since i was a korean. My younger brother also was a boarder - Kyong Been. We both played Hockey for ACS. I was grilled many times by Brian for smoking and other stuff...hehehe.

    If there are any fellow HH boarders around Ipoh or in Malaysia, let me know, I will be visiting malaysia between 27th and 31st July 2007.

    Know the whre abouts of Kenneth Lee or Benny Yee or their friends? Let me know at

  5. Hello Yong Been,
    I can roughly remember someone who fits your description in my class and is also known as "Korean". Are you born around 1956? Benny Yee sounds familiar too. But it has been such a long time. I left ACS in 1976 after Upper Six.

  6. Hi Yong Been,
    Yes I remember you and your brother in Horley Hall. Your bunk was probably next to mine on the upper floor. You may recall, obtaining a bed under a fan was like gold dust. Kept us cool and the mossies at bay. You used to facinate us about your dad who worked for the WHO and the famous jinseng from your homeland. I used to hang out with the Tapah gang- the Poon brothers (an older brother was a national hockey player name Fook Loke and also Hew Khong Sun, a school and hostel prefect. Do you remember Lai? Used to call him "fish". Kept in touch with him for a few yrs when he was in Dublin. Our last get together was (Dec)1974 camping at Pualu Pangkor. Can't remember if you came along. I will also be interested to know how Kenneth Lee is doing. Last contact was hockey 6-aside in KL. It was a bloody disaster!! Good to hear from you.

    Steve Yong Sit Kong

  7. pic. no2 is a shot taken from primary school field.. near the rail track.. i can still remember the 'pokok' saga where we used to play jengket2 under that tree... oohhhh.. all the beautiful memories...


  8. Hi:

    Was cruising the net and came upon your postings. I think picture No. 5 is that of the school library. I was one of the student librarians in the 60's. Am in the US for over 40 years now. Its good to see some old pics of the Alma Mater.

  9. hi there...
    im also live at HH from 93-97...may be ur super duper to see that pic..its remind me the beauty memory of also miss our BM Mr brian...he's the one who help me a lot...and honestly i owe him so much...any one know about him now?please email me at

    sorry my english so terrible

  10. Hi Guys

    It has been really interesting reading your comments. I am probably one of the old cows of ACS under the strict supervision of Brian in Horley Hall ( left in 1969 !! ) Name is Simon Lam ( Kok Wah ). It has taken me almost 40 years to get back to being in touch with the ACS forum. For those who are interested Brian is now living in Bercham and it was a pleasure that I had caught up with him 2 years ago and I HAD THE PLEASURE AND POETIC JUSTICE TO RAM INTO THE REAR OF HIS CAR whilst we were making our way to dinner - ooops ! Sadly I have been told recently that his health has not been that good. Would like to hear from anyone from my year ( 1969 ) Form 5. I have recently caught up with Joey Wong Tat Seong ( Sydney ) by chance. I am in Melbourne and my e-mail -

  11. Hi Horley Hall, (Abang or Brother)
    I'm staying from 1990-1997 and our batch is the last batch that have Chinese in take officially. We also the last batch to enjoy Ah Kow food and BM wildboar's curry.
    My name is Tat Yee and our batch still get together until I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago.Our group such as Kok Keat, Choon Hoo, Chin Ling, Kok Cheong, Chong Guan, Kin Kok, Sze Jim, KJ Siva, Simon, Alan
    We really hope can organise a gathering together with BM family.