Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Powerful Presentations

Bring out the emotional appeal by showing the following one can obtain:-
1. Money
2. Self preservation, security, safety
3. Recognition
4. New experience, the future, romance

Create good videos
1. Less than 3 minutes duration 
2. Sound is important 
3. Photos or videos to include 
4. Voiceovers plus or without
5. Tell an emotional story

First impressions on what we are presenting has to do with (or include) the
1. Story - success, failure, fun, legends
2. Simile
3. Analogy
4. Metaphor
5. Examples

Get the WOW statement by doing some research. Get ideas and phrases from
1. Images
2. Website: readersdigest.com
3. Movie critics

WOW statement should
Not be more than 3 sentences.
Not be more than 30 seconds. 
Use visual language. 
Develop 2-3 statements in case the first fails. 

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