Thursday, December 10, 2020

Personal Schedule.

Just read about a new way to schedule.

How to schedule our priorities according to vision, purpose, life roles, and life goals?

At the beginning of the week list out the activities according to the above priorities. These activities may be related to business, personal, family and other important areas.

Then place them accordingly in a workable schedule for the week according to need and or previous neglect.

Interestingly I have never done a schedule according to life goals. Will give it a good try next week.

Life is like juggling crystal balls and rubber balls, and success depends on knowing which is which. My crystal balls are my religion, my faith, my work in this country. Everything else is a rubber ball where you can let it drop, wait for a week or month, and let it bounce back. Life is about choices and balance. A crystal ball cannot be allowed to drop or else it breaks.

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