Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MiGuard struck by lightning

My first smart home alarm system destroyed by lightning. It had voice and intercom. Also managed automatic turning on and off lights while away from home.


  1. Hi Dr Oon,
    Sorry to bother. You page came out when I googled MiGuardz alarm. I am using the same alarm system, installed some 12 years ago and having some problems. The installer can't be reached anymore and I actually do not know where to get technical support. Therefore, if you have the contact details company that can provide support, that would be great. My email is kee_chuan@yahoo.co.uk and I live in Shah Alam. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Mr Tham, I maybe able to help. My email: ianwoon@hotmail.com

  2. Hello Mr Chuan,
    Thanks for the message. The company manufacturing Miguard has been sold and is now manufacturing Blueguard. Please search the web for their contact info. I have changed my alarm system because Blueguard is very expensive and not well supported in Ipoh. TQ.

  3. Thanks very much for the info, Dr Oon. Appreciate it.

  4. Hi - just to update, I have already installed Bluguard. Not bad an option.Oh yes, just found out that Miguard not sold to Bluguard, but Clipsal.