Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Tin Mining Family Exhibition in Falim House, Ipoh

A picture of the first ACS Primary School building

History of the Foo Nyit Tse family and Falim House

Original floor tiles

Notice grandfather Leong Sin Nam spotted a moustache

Children's toys of bygone days.  Now Xbox and GameBoy.

The former Kaying Building

Exploring for tin with this manual earth borer

We used to buy "kueh" from these men.  The delicacies were carried above their heads

The Roti man and his bicycle.  No Coffee Houses like now.  Bread and cakes came on bicycles.

Fresh milk from cows, goats etc.

Crackers, bread, sweets and even some simple games all in a bicycle.  'Ting, ting, ting" the familiar chime.

Kueh and Laksa from this person.  This whole "machine" carried on the shoulders.

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