Friday, October 26, 2007

More ACS Reunion Dinner Photos 2007

We have Mr. Liew Kam Chong here. He was at my clinic to raise funds for the giant ACS "kolam" which entered the Malaysian Book of Records. Unfortunately it was reported in the newspaper that the project wasted many bags of rice which could had been used to feed the poor.

The heroes here are seated: Teh Moon Chong, Chan Joon Hoong, Leong Oon Keong, Lam Poh Wah. Standing: Teh Chor Aun, Chan Kok Meng, Hung Ching Chai. Mr. Lam Poh Wah is making millions with the current bull market. Mr. Teh Chor Aun loves travelling far and near. Mr. Hung Ching Chai will fix up your car's air conditioner and battery with a special discount.

Mr. Loke Choong Meng is on the right. He was our Industrial Arts teacher majoring in mechanics. He is currently very active in our MNS (Malaysian Nature's Society) Perak branch and loves "bird" watching.


  1. Former Ipoh ACS student, now MP for Batu Gajah, Fong Po Kuan was at the reunion dinner. Read her comments "Where Do We Go From Here?" posted in her blog at:

    I was thinking of requesting Dr.
    OK Leong to post our school song
    here for nostalgic sake and
    there someone posted it at Po Kuan's blog. Check it out.

    Victor Chan Kwok Meng

  2. I remember Mr Loke. I am a ACS student from 1976-1986.