Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meet-up with Yong Been in Ipoh on 29 July 07

Shortly after the gathering in KL, YB's family made a day trip to Ipoh on Sunday. It was great to meet up and catch up after 34 long years. Apparently, YB seems keen on the MM2H programme for foreigners to retire in Malaysia and we were trying to persuade him to come to Ipoh.

1. YB and family at the Railway Station.
2. Our usual meeting place, the Ipoh Swimming Club.
3. Having a Cuppa at Old Town Kopitiam
4. A Trip down Memory Lane


  1. Thanks Moon Chong for putting up these photos so quickly for all to see. The reunion was fantastic and truly treasured. I shall invite Mr. Yoong Kim to contribute to our blog soon.

  2. When Oon Keong called me to meet up with "Yong Been", the name did not ring a bell until he mentioned about the Korean boy in 4 Science A. Only then could I place the name on the face of a crew cut ala Horley Hall style guy.
    It was nostalgic to say the least, reuniting with my ACSian old salts and class teacher Mr. Chin Yoong Kim and walking together along the corridors of the school buildings. Remembering that I had my early education there from Std 1 to Upper 6. Oon Keong beat my record by 1 year. He started his voyage from THE DAWN to THE VOYAGER from ACS kindergarden class!
    The primary school recess bar bell which Lim Hock Eng used to "ring" or rather strike with an iron rod was not in sight. Is it now kept at the ACS museum (I was told the school has recently created one) or was it sent to the Jalan Bendahara scrap metal yard?
    Yong Been, Ipoh mali! Oon Keong & folks, thanks for the happy moments!
    Chan Kwok Meng

  3. Hi Guys,
    Its Wong Chee Kai .Nice to see all of you after all these years !!!Its very nostalgic.I am based in Melbourne now ,so if anyone is coming here there is always a place to email me and stay in touch.Now who is Sum Mee sorry mate cant regconise you !!Send me a pic okie

  4. Anybody know where is Mrs Yin!!Would like to get in touch with her. Chee Kai

  5. Hello Chee Kai,

    Your name sounds very familiar but it has been such a long time since we have met. I have forwarded your message to all our friends and I believe replies from them will be forthcoming. Do send us some pictures.

    Kind regards,

  6. Aiya !!!Oon keong I still remember you Nice guy with thick Glasses .I was in A class from standard @ to form 2 I think!!!And then to form 3 B and then to Science C for 2 years!!Too much wag school lah with Paul Teh and some guys!!!LOL Please let me know when is the next year reunion I come back!!Just got back from Malaysia so I finish all my annual leave!! Bye Chee Kai

  7. Hi, My name is Letfee Ahmad an ACS student from 1969-1973. I was in Five Arts 'A' in 1973, can hardly remember my classmates. I'm now lecturing at the Limkokwing University in Cyberjaya, been here since 2001. Prior to that I was an independent TV Producer since 1987. Can you help me to locate my former classmates? Thank you for reading this note.

    Letfee Ahmad

  8. Hi Letfee,
    Nice to hear from you. Wow, its great to have a schoolmate from limkokwing. I always admire the creativity of their graduates.

    Well, I don't think I will be of much help trying to locate your friends for you. However, I would suggest you attend next years annual dinner. Who knows, you may just meet your best friend there.


  9. Dr Leong, thanks for the speedy response. What year were you in ACS? Yes, would love to attend your next year's annual dinner. Let me know when.

  10. Hello Letfee,

    We left Form 6 in 1976 some 31 years ago. Time flies really. Not sure when next annual dinner will be but announcement will be made usually a month or two earlier. I shall post it in this blog.

    Currently very busy planning projects for the Perak Chest Society. Do visit the Chest Society website at