Friday, July 27, 2007

MIA .......34 years + 32 years

Had a great gathering last of them whom we have not seen for 32 years & another one 34 yes 34 years.Will let you guess who is who.....
Now who does the guy in green resemble? And who is the one sitting in the centre ? Hint... MIA for 32 years
Well the chap above is the son of Yong Been whom we have not seen for 34 loooong years and beside him is Yoke Foong. Dr Sukumar is the 32 years MIA.
Good laughs and chats the whole night long.....we were still talking about the Horley Hall song and YB's journey in Malaysia during the 70's
NK showing his tantrums......or trying his best to look angry
And FW trying to be the photo-journalist....Wanted to have our karaoke session but unfortunately it was full house. We underestimated the number of uncles and aunties queueing up and karaoking on a Fri night..... had some beers and some cokes alfresco style instead.

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