Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Year 1975

Guess the name of one of these two persons right and receive a treat from me at Sun Lee How Fook. Your choice of dishes of course!!


  1. K,
    Yip Cheng Har or rather Professor Yip CH and Ching Yee Fong. I think.


  2. Definitely Yip Cheng Har (I should know myself) and Ching Yee Fong. I would love to post some old pictures but I am not very computer savvy so I do not know how to scan old photos and put them in. (No time to learn and too old to learn as well)

    Cheng Har

  3. Hi CH,
    Hahaha...glad u confirmed ur own identity! &.... based on our last meeting at the airport u have not changed much from school days.
    The PC/internet world is definitely much easier to manage than what u are doing now ..... (",)
    Keep in touch and do drop me a email at so that I can include you in the ACS mailing list for updates, news, gossips (wink!wink!)etc etc.
    ## Spoke to YewAi briefly a couple of weeks ago.