Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At the launching of my first book - Fun With Phonics, at the Menteri Besar's house in Jan. 2006. On my right is DatinSeri Diraja Dato' Kamariah, MB's wife who is Chairman of BAIDURI which sponsored my book for all Year One pupils in the whole of Perak as a special project. Nothing to shout about really. Just got a lucky break , doing the right thing at the right time for the right people!



  1. Congratulations. Great to hear you have written a book. Is it about pronunication? Do drop by at my clinic when you are free.

  2. Well done......and more books to come I am sure.


  3. Good job SF. Just curious..does the title of your book have anything to do with your name? :)

  4. In reply to Moon Chong's question, not really, just a coincidence and a good one. But just as learning is supposed to be fun, I'm quite fun too!
    KK, yes, Book 2 is in the oven, will be ready for editting next month and out in 2007 for Year 2 pupils. Hope the sponsors don't back out of their promise. We'll get together for a big 'makan' when I get my cheque in January, OK?