Monday, September 25, 2006

25th Reunion by Tai Kim Teng


This is the first time I am blogging here. Thanks for the opportunity. I just came back from my class reunion in Kuching a couple of weeks ago. It was a very refreshing and nostalgic moment for all who came(35 classmates). This is my personal experience and observation. Oon Keong who is in the same class of 1976/1981 University Malaya was unable to come. So I have volunteered to organise the next reunion in Ipoh in 2 years from now. In this way, Oon Keong will have no reason not to come.

Class of 76/81............
There were 128 students in my class. We studied together for 5 years from 1976 to 1981 in MU, KL. Those were the happy and carefree days. Life was good. Since graduation, most of us have gone our saperate ways and have been busy with our own lives. Most of us have never met each other for the last 25 long years! There was no time even for the occasional letters. By now, we are all half a century old or young whichever way you like to look at it. Some comments I gleaned from the intense discussions going round the tables that night, were:

Observation of life........

1.High IQ

The studious, hard working and intelligent ones complained that they are doing less well overall in life than those who are more "playful and carefree" classmates who "seldom study and fall alseep" during lectures. There was a particular bunch of outstanding classmates(4 of them which I cannot forget) who go to nightclub almost everynight and rarely revise their work. Surprise of surprises, today there are "successful" O&G specialist. All of them! They are more relax and less uptight with their lives. Their attitude is be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. You can see now that their family are very pleased with their father. They are now good family man and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.


From this event, it would seem that IQ (Intelligence Quotient) does not gurantee a "successful" outcome in later life. Sometimes it can a hindrance if the IQ "thing" goes too much into the head and puffs one up (pride and not teachable).
Goldman invented the theory of EQ ( Emotional Quotient) two decades ago. IQ assess your ability to analyse, understand, absorb and present knowledge correctly. EQ on the other hand assess you ability to network, relate, foster and establish relationship with others. No wonder my 4 "happy go lucky" classmates are doing better today. What they lack in IQ has actually been compensated by higher EQ. I believe the old adage that "style without substance is useless" still holds true. However, a nutritious food without excellent presentation would also not sell well. Therefore, by reasoning, substance and style are both important in life. John White says that it should start with inside out, not outside in. Both is required, IQ and EQ.

But, by not mentioning SQ (Spiritual Quotient), we have left the most vital part of our life on earth. Some of us are "wired" to seek God from an early age. There is a perennial hunger in our soul after things eternal and spiritual. These people spent a lot of their time on earth seeking the "peace which transcends all understanding and higher calling" in life which are not visible. They are more reflective and calm in their demeanor. Sometimes, we call them the "spiritual" types.
As we approach the second century of our lives, SQ will become more and more important. With one leg already in the coffin, as the saying goes, one need to ponder the "afterlife' seriously. Things visible which were very important before seems to occupy less space in our life nowadays. Wisdom, good health, peace, God which are not visible to our naked eyes are much more sought after commodity.

2. Life is a marathon and not a 100m dash

The famous tale of the "Hare and the Tortoise" which we listen during childhood is too often forgotten in later life. The person who starts with a great roar and superb confidence in life may not necessary finish strong. During one of the reunion night, I had the opportunity to have a long chat with one of my classmates. She was top of the class and had a nice boyfriend who love her very much since schooldays. Everyone knows that they were the perfect couple. Unfortunately, things have changed so much after 25 years. They have gone saperate ways and each have migrated far away from each other. Surprisingly, both came for the reunion from overseas. The boy told me that he took 30 hours to reach Kuching from his city!!It must have be a very long time since they have last met. I can sense it as they they were totally absorb in their own world of intense and passionate discussions during dinner. Next morning, I saw them together again in the hotel lounge. So much not said have to be said and so much more to be forgiven. Life have changed so drastically. Opportunities have been missed. Trivial things may have been misunderstood and left to fester. Things could have turn out better if just.........
In life it is true that "To err is human and to forgive is divine" Most things in life are small things which we make it out to be a big deal. The other day I came across this saying, "If one want to go far in life, one have to throw away the baggage of unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness.
A good start is desirable but it is the ending that counts for everything, the coveted prize of eternal life with Jesus.

Got to run and bathe now. Bye.

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  1. Hi Kim Teng. I am so excited when you accepted our invitation to blog. So tonight, I made a special effort to surf and read what you have written. I totally agree with your thoughts. As we pass 50 we open another chapter in our lives. People have told me to go slow but rather I have picked up speed to do the things which I have left undone. I have now decided to progress further from a life of success to a life of significance. In short, to be significant we need to bring up others to the same level of success as ourselves and also let them understand their purpose in life. We slso need significant spiritual growth and maturity.