Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pics from early 70s & late 60s

Some old pics which I have emailed out before but nevertheless .....

This should be 1972...Form 4. Me look wierd...but then whats new?!

Waitng for the gals .......look at the type of glasses

From right...Edmund, Yew Yuen, Foo Wah, dun know his name, Soon Aun & half of me

Looking at the glasses probably 74 or 75. That's Feilo next to me....


  1. The gentleman is Lee Mun Yeen. He was from the Arts Stream and was a great athlete for the Eu Tong Sen sports team.

  2. OK,
    I think we will get more responses/comments from the guys/gals if you could remove the restriction that comments are for members only.