Sunday, April 9, 2006

Being youthful 50 and beyond

Visited the Toy Museum in Penang over the weekend. This museum was featured in the newspapers a couple of weeks ago. It belongs to an engineer with a passion for toys. He has collected these toys over the years. Its really good but the entrance fee is rather expensive. Adults rm 10 and children rm 6. Will post more pictures next. Uploading pictures into blogger is very slow. Well we cannot be young anymore but at least be youthful and enjoy life. Cheers.


  1. Ok...try resizing the pics first b4 upload ...Web - Large (640x480px) is a good size.

    With regards to life and growing old, as PS shared with me....(It is good to die young but put it off as long a possible - michel miseki)

  2. its Mischa Maisky (the cello master)- for biography go to