Friday, May 27, 2005

Walking on the road

When we walk on the road nowadays we are always concerned about snatch thieves. But we should be more concerned about whether a motorist is going to hit and injure us.

Some suggestions. 1. Always walk on the side of the road with you facing on coming vehicles. In this way you can see the driver and the vehicle. Observe the speed and how near the vehicle is coming onto the side of the road. 2. Always walk on the allocated foot path when available. 3. Use overhead brigde when crossing roads. 4. Never cross a road near a junction. Cross a road at least 50 yards away from the junction. Motorist turning a sharp corner may not be able to brake on time 5. Face straight looking at on coming vehicles but beware of uncovered man holes. 6. Wear light coloured dress in the dark or flourescent belts.

Remember if a motorist can ram another vehicle much larger than us, beware, we are easier targets for accidents.

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