Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Steps to Better Health Outcomes for the Elderly

Social isolation. loneliness and social exclusion are risk factors for senior citizens, Depression among older people is currently under diagnosed. Data-rich information will assist doctors to invest in the right type of intervention & preventative measures.  This will lead to better health outcomes as well as provide a higher quality of life for the elderly.

The elderly have a vast choice of health care providers. Today, choices are made based on location, reputation, cost and services provided. As consumers are empowered on their health and choices available, they want to be engaged in the management of their health. 

Telemedicine is a growing platform. With telemedicine, advanced mobile imaging and digital remote monitoring tools, physicians can provide suitable engagement required by elderly. However, these digital tools need to fit seamlessly for it to produce the right results. 

With growing consumerisation of healthcare, physicians will need to start providing non-traditional healthcare services such as nutritional support, exercise classes, life coaching, home improvement for healthy living.

In order to design and provide relevant products and services, health care providers  will need to reach out to other partners within and outside the ecosystem

Adapted from Berita MMA article. 


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